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Financial Empowerment

Learn How to Better Manage Your Money

If you are interested in getting the knowledge and skills to make better decisions about money management, the Financial Empowerment program is right for you. This training will equip you and your family with the knowledge that will help you get a leg up and the skills to build your assets and become financially independent.

Start investing in your future. Take advantage of Community Action’s free, monthly Financial Empowerment classes and get the knowledge you need to take control of your finances. Call 651-603-5880 to reserve your seat today!

Our Curriculum

Debt and Credit

You know steady employment is crucial, but a good job is only one factor of financial independence. Bad credit and debt can leave you with difficult options to recover from financial setbacks. Our Financial Literacy workshops put you on the path to positive-asset building and long-term financial health. 

Budget to Create Savings

You’ll learn to use a monthly debt and spending tracker to find spending leaks in your budget. From there, you can create a workable budget and begin saving. These tools will provide you with the ability to make wise money choices and either begin to save or reduce debt.

Debt Reduction and Asset Building

You’ll learn how to make a debt plan that will prioritize what you owe and get it paid off faster. Improve your net worth and learn the importance of building assets. Understand how retirement plans, savings accounts, and investments are assets that can build financial security.

Building Good Credit 

You’ll learn to understand how to use credit to your advantage. You’ll learn how to receive a free copy of your annual credit report and how to read your credit report to fix errors.

Consumer Protection 

You’ll learn the benefits of having a checking and savings account at a financial institution, understand different types of insurance, and how to protect your identity and your assets.

Our Impact This Year

  • People Who Received Energy Assistance


  • Children Enrolled in Head Start & Early Head Start


  • Low-Income People Registered to Vote


  • Volunteer Hours


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