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BLOG: Working Together

As Americans Grapple with Covid-19 and Mental Health, Resources Are Available

A study just published by The Commonwealth Fund reports that, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans have suffered significantly higher mental health consequences and economic stress than residents of other “high income” western nations such as the UK, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands. 

According to the five authors of this report “one-third of US adults experiences stress, anxiety, or great sadness that was difficult to cope with by themselves.” And yet, Americans have also been much less likely to seek mental health support since the onset of the novel coronavirus in early 2020. 

The study also reveals that approximately one-third of US adults surveyed also stated that they have been faced with financial hardships that “include being unable to pay for basic necessities like food, heat, or rent, using up most of their personal savings; or borrowing money or taking out a loan.”

As it relates to mental health, it is critical to remember that during this public health emergency and the era of social distancing, there are options and there is help available. For more information and to seek assistance, please refer to the State of Minnesota’s COVID-19 Response dedicated web page for mental health support, which connects children and adults to more than a dozen resources including NAMI Minnesota and the Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health. 

Moreover, even as congress continues to stall on a new coronavirus stimulus package, there are resources available for those in economic crisis, including emergency assistance. If you are a resident of Ramsey or Washington county and need immediate help with your rent, mortgage and utilities, please access Community Action’s COVID-19 Relief & Crisis Assistance webpage. And, for additional COVID-19 services—including food support, healthcare needs, resources for children and seniors, unemployment insurance, and other financial assistance, visit our Community Resources Page.     

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