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Election Day Is One Month Away in Minnesota

Election Day 2021 is only four weeks away. On Tuesday, November 2, Minnesotans will have the opportunity to vote for city leaders in municipal elections, for school board members, and on local ballot measures. During the last several presidential and mid-term election seasons, Minnesota has ranked number one among all 50 states in voter participation. This includes the 2020 election when a record 79.96% of eligible voters in Minnesota cast their ballot. Although national and statewide elections gain more attention, local elections are every bit as important as they determine a multitude of things that impact our daily lives. 

Early voting and voting by mail are currently underway. You can vote early in-person up until Monday, November 1, and those that wish to vote by mail are encouraged to send in their ballot no later than Friday, October 15, to ensure that it is received and counted. And, of course, any registered voter who chooses to, can still vote in-person on Election Day (November 2). 

For those still needing to register, you can do so here at the Minnesota Secretary of State Voter Registration page. The deadline to pre-register for this year’s election is Tuesday, October 12, 2021. However, if you miss this deadline, you can still register to vote in person on Election Day. For more information on how, just click here

To find your local polling place, a guide on elected officials, and other election related resources, residents of Ramsey County can visit the county’s Prepare to Vote page, while voters in Washington County can reference their Elections Division page. And, for a comprehensive election guide for all Minnesota voters, please refer to the Minnesota Secretary of State Election and Voting webpage. Remember, local elections matter!

Our Impact This Year

  • People Who Received Utility Bill Assistance


  • Children Enrolled in Head Start & Early Head Start


  • People Whose Utility Bills Were Lowered Through Home Weatherization


  • Workers Provided with Transportation Support Including Vehicle Loans, Repair Grants, and Transit Passes


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