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BLOG: Working Together

Covid-19 Vaccine Confidence Shown to Build with Accurate Information

It is natural for anyone to have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. There is nothing more important than keeping ourselves, our families, and our communities safe. There are answers to the questions about the vaccine and expert sources to find those answers include the COVID-19 Vaccine Education and Equity Project and, an online initiative led by the Ad Council and the COVID Collaborative. 

The COVID-19 Vaccine Education and Equity Project, an effort that has brought together more than 200 organizations representing the best in America’s health and wellness networks, seeks to “build confidence in the (vaccination) process” and notes that “science is key for authorized and approved vaccines to be a contributor to addressing health inequities that exist generally and specifically with respect to COVID-19.” The projects core objectives are:  

  • Provide education on, and advocate for, adherence to a gold-standard regulatory review process
  • Raise awareness around the importance of COVID-19 vaccination for public health, the economy and broader society
  • Promote the impact of widespread COVID-19 vaccination uptake in protecting individuals, families, and communities
  • Lead a conversation that helps ensure equitable access to authorized and approved vaccines through equitable access to information and dialogue

Among the many features of the project’s website—which includes numerous resources, the latest updates and equity and engagement strategies—is the Count Me In creative campaign. This campaign features messages from both healthcare professionals and other Americans as to why the COVID-19 Vaccine is important to them. For more about the visit the COVID-19 Vaccine and Education and Equity Project.

The website is also guided by experts in science and medicine with the express purpose to “ensure that Americans have accurate and timely information to answer their questions and concerns about vaccine side effects, efficacy, and clinical trials,” while shifting the public mindset from one of “vaccine hesitancy to vaccine confidence.” 

In its For Parents provides a series of questions and answers regarding what parents and caregivers should know about vaccines for children and teenagers in multiple languages. The site also features a series of informational videos from the likes of Dr. Kizzmekia S. Corbett, Dr. Leon McDougal, and Valerie Montgomery Rice among many others. For answers to any other questions related to the COVID-19 vaccine, go to

Our Impact This Year

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